Club Management Software. Redefined.

GX is the first open source club management platform that gives your franchise complete freedom to innovate.

Offering flat rate monthly pricing, unlimited boarding, private label branding, corporate profit channels and more!

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It's time for a change. It's time for GX.

Unlimited Boarding
Unlimited boarding lets you bring on every single location in your franchise for one flat rate per month.

Forget painful 'per club' software licensing fees forever. Our simple, flat rate pricing gives you the ability to grow your business and create franchise profits you didn't know existed.
100% Open Source Codebase
GX is going to change how you think. It's 100% Open Source codebase lets you innovate like never before.

Ultra modern and carefully designed, there’s nothing off limits. Change anything. Connect to anything. We even include a full time developer team to help you innovate ’til your heart is content.
Corporate Profit Channels
Just when you thought this couldn't get any better... say hello to GX profit channels.

Unlimited boarding and flat rate pricing create equity. These new profit channels allow your franchise to optionally charge each location a monthly licensing fee for service.

You choose the amount and you keep 100% of the profit.
GX has a feature set like no other.
Customer management, point of sale, scheduling, classes, recurring billing, reporting and more.

With GX, you can add features, change it's feel or flow. Best of all, GX allows you to use any feature from anywhere. Create native sales from your corporate website. Book classes from your mobile app. Truly limitless possibilities await.