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3 Min Read

The gym market just changed. Did you feel it? I sure did. 

COVID-19 just redesigned the global expectations of every guest that will walk through your doors going forward. Social distancing, interaction etiquette and surface sanitization are real things now

Let's be frank about it. Floor plans were designed to accommodate as many guests as space will allow. Gyms are packed with people sweating all over everything. 

2 Min Read

The gym is closed. Specialty stores are out of everything. Amazon is even struggling to fulfill orders. As a hardcore fitness enthusiast, let me tell you... keeping a good stock of my daily supplementation is becoming more challenging every week.

Responsible isolation and social distancing is making it difficult to get our favorite supplements. For me, it's not a flavor or brand thing. It's all about what keeps me feeling great. Those supplements along with exercise and proper diet make all the difference.

2 Min Read

With all the uncertainty swirling around us at the moment, we have been forced to put much of our lifestyle on hold. Being a lifetime workout enthusiast, I'm training at home like everyone else.

For many, getting disconnected from their local gym is frightening. It's that daily regiment of healthy food, exercise and supplements that help us deal with the stresses of life.

2 Min Read

The world has changed overnight. Social distancing and responsible isolation have created new challenges for getting to the gym. As a club franchise owner, you will have to be able to innovate quickly to stay relevant going forward. Your club management system is at the heart of your business, you need to be able to connect your membership to the latest trends to survive.