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Introducing GX Fusion. Our complete payments platform with simple, flat rate pricing.

Featuring high capacity processing for recurring billing and point of sale transactions. No double billings. No excuses. You always get paid on time.

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Creating a balance

Payments Harmony

Creating a balance between high security, innovation and user experience is hard to do. Our challenge was to achieve the highest level of PCI Compliance while still maintaining a modern, full featured, cutting edge payments stack. We did it with GX Fusion.

The goal was to create a flexible payments solution that could be exposed using GX API and still maintain that high level of security. This required core services that could accomodate high volume transactions with minimal latency and high availability. We did it with GX Fusion.

To make this challenge even harder, GX Fusion had to support the latest Point to Point Encryption (P2PE) devices and EMV technologies for fraud prevention during sales transactions. We also required a compliant method to tokenize and securely store card data for use in future recurring and on-demand transactions. The tokenized data had to be immediately available to all services in the payments stack. We did it with GX Fusion.

Credit Card Updater

GX Fusion automatically updates payment records when changes are detected on a customer's Visa or MasterCard. This greatly reduces billing declines and collections due to expiring credit cards. Updates are done automatically and in real time. Which means that recurring payments run on schedule and best of all, your customer doesn't have to make time to get you updated card information.

All Inclusive Pricing

GX Fusion features the flexibility to innovate while maintaining the highest standard of security. This is what we do best. We make it easy to get paid on time... every time.

Carefully designed and tightly integrated, GX Fusion gives you transparent, flat rate pricing for each successful transaction we process using credit card or ACH debit.

Our services are all inclusive which means there are no additional monthly fees to get the latest EMV enabled P2PE payment devices, high capacity billing, credit card account updater, seamless online payment forms, multi-use tokenization and much more!

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