Flat Pricing. Unlimited Boarding.

Introducing GX Infinity, a truly painless approach to software licensing. Featuring flat, one rate monthly pricing that covers every location in your franchise.

GX Infinity creates the flexibility to grow your business with confidence. Add new locations with ease. GX Infinity lets you focus on building great customer experiences.

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Pricing. Unlimited Boarding.
Unlimited boarding.

Unlimited Boarding

We designed GX Infinity to be transparent and simple to use. We believe it's how modern software should be provisioned. It gives you the freedom to bring on every location in your franchise for one monthly rate. Period.

As you grow, adding new locations takes a few moments and you have complete control of the process from the GX Infinity management app.

Flat Rate Monthly Pricing

Starting at $999 per month, there are no surprises or increases. Just transparent pricing that includes your own private servers, GX Core, GX API, GX Surface, GX Fusion, 24/7 private label technical support, GX developer support and a world class uptime guarantee.

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GX is the open source platform that gives you the power to innovate your business. Offering cutting edge technologies that work just as well on your designs as they do on ours.

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