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Five reasons you must have an open source club management platform in 2020

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The gym market just changed. Did you feel it? I sure did. 

COVID-19 just redesigned the global expectations of every guest that will walk through your doors going forward. Social distancing, interaction etiquette and surface sanitization are real things now

Let's be frank about it. Floor plans were designed to accommodate as many guests as space will allow. Gyms are packed with people sweating all over everything. 

Few guests wipe machines down properly. Fewer club employees know how to properly sanitize surfaces and equipment. Going forward, your franchise will need to develop surgical-grade disinfectant policies that are both consistent and thorough. 

Franchisers are going to have to refactor floor layouts to accommodate recommended distances for safe, shared usage. New sanitizing strategies will have to be designed to keep equipment and surfaces disinfected as guests come and go. 

It's been said that a public gym is dirtier than a public toilet seat. Ok... yuck. 

That is about to change forever. 

If the public gym is going to exist in this new world, the ability to demonstrate thorough, revolving, concierge style disinfectant services will be a big part of it. Wash, rinse and repeat.

How much square footage is touched every hour in your clubs? Take a moment to consider what it will take to efficiently and consistently keep those areas clean and safe for your guests to enjoy.

At this point, you're probably wondering what this has to do with open source club management software.

Let's talk about that.

As a franchiser, you will be faced with organization challenges that are constantly evolving. The ability to properly provide on-demand and ongoing disinfectant strategies each hour for tens-of-thousands of square feet will take a full-time team. Staff will need to be highly trained, motivated and diligent. Managers will need a system to track progress and supplies. Franchise owners will need to be able to identify success vs. waste quickly.

Guests need a common place to report issues, express concerns or simply report a happiness rating. Your open source platform can connect a custom guest-facing app to it's organization metrics to get a real view of it's progress. 

Top five reasons your gym franchise needs an open source club management platform:

  1. Adopting quickly. - Standards for providing a safe, clean space for public consumption are going to change as new data is discovered. Your entire franchise will need to be able to adopt these changes quickly. Your guests will expect it. Your club management platform must continue to provide "top-down" organization support for those changes.
  2. Adapting quickly. - Being able to adapt the entire franchise quickly will require better communication channels. Your open source platform lets you build-in improved methods of internal communication throughout your organization. Make changes to application flow as policies are improved or replaced.
  3. Transparency. - Franchise-wide metrics provide invaluable insight and can be custom built into the platform. Improved transparency makes it possible for corporate to quickly evaluate what is and isn't working at a glance
  4. Localization. Franchise locations may need to incorporate local & regional regulations into it's workflow (in addition to your corporate policies). Your open source platform can accommodate that localized flow and understand how to evaluate those additional metrics.
  5. Ongoing development. - The most important reason to have an open source platform is being able to change it all when you need to. With GX, you have access to all Core Services and source code. There's nothing that can't be changed or connected. There's no app that can't be built. The only limits are time and imagination. 

Things are changing fast and here is another example of why your franchise needs an open source platform in 2020. 

GX is a flexible, open-source club management platform. We love innovation. Let's talk about it :-) 

Ash Craig

Ash is the founder & lead developer of the GuestXtreme platform. As a lifetime tech and fitness enthusiast, his love for software & club management began in the 1990s when he started FirmPOS Software to help a friend collect the dues at his gym.

With over 25 years of experience, Ash is both a designer and an engineer. A strong open source advocate, he is a frequent contributor to the community and fascinated with bleeding edge technologies.