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Home delivery is helping gym owners stay afloat during COVID-19

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The gym is closed. Specialty stores are out of everything. Amazon is even struggling to fulfill orders. As a hardcore fitness enthusiast, let me tell you... keeping a good stock of my daily supplementation is becoming more challenging every week.

Responsible isolation and social distancing is making it difficult to get our favorite supplements. For me, it's not a flavor or brand thing. It's all about what keeps me feeling great. Those supplements along with exercise and proper diet make all the difference.

I'll say it... I miss the gym. I miss leg day. I miss the pre-workout drink and the post workout shake.

In attempts to boost revenues, some gym owners have started home delivery services. The response has been overwhelming. Some clubs are charging a small delivery fee and some have included the service as a value-add in hopes of keeping it's membership engaged. 

Orders are placed online and typically delivered within a few hours. The biggest disconnect seems to be connecting the online orders to the club's management system. This is a perfect example of how an open source platform like GX can help.

Being able to use the native GX point of sale service right on your corporate website to create sales in the club management system is obviously the best option. But like in the case of COVID-19, demand may require a faster-to-market solution like a pre-built cart for online ordering.

In that case, there are many ways to connect to a 3rd party cart, verify the order and process the sale in GX. Building a quick-and-dirty fulfillment tool using GX API, PHP and Javascript could probably be done in an afternoon.

Ash Craig

Ash is the founder & lead developer of the GuestXtreme platform. As a lifetime tech and fitness enthusiast, his love for software & club management began in the 1990s when he started FirmPOS Software to help a friend collect the dues at his gym.

With over 25 years of experience, Ash is both a designer and an engineer. A strong open source advocate, he is a frequent contributor to the community and fascinated with bleeding edge technologies.